Benefit Cheekathon: Review

Benefit cheekathon closed

There are three words that will pretty much convince me on the spot that I want a product: “Palette”, and “Full Size”. So when I heard that benefit was releasing a palette with 5 of their best-selling box blushes, my ears pricked up. I am the proud owner of Dallas and Georgia (sadly discontinued), and Dallas was invaluable to me on my year of travelling. I have well and truly hit pan on it, and was worrying about having to replace it, as the box blushes are pretty pricey. Enter Cheekathon. This palette is insanely good value. In the UK, it retails for £44.50, A$98 in Australia. The box blushes are £23.50 each, or A$51, meaning that you get 5 for less than the price of two, which is pretty crazy.

It also helps that they have chosen the best of the Benefit collection for the palette – the only two missing are Hervana and Sugarbomb, which don’t really interest me at all if I’m very honest; not my thing. But I have coveted Hoola for as long as I can remember, as well as Dandelion. I have also been lusting after a decent coral blush recently, as I only brought brown blushes with me to Australia. Rockateur has always intrigued me, I have always wanted to try it, but shelling out the money for it individually has never really appealed; there is always something I would rather spend A$50 on. But, having tried it today, I really like it! I wore a combination of Rockateur as a blush, paired with Hoola as my bronzer. I really like the understated look it gives, whilst still adding colour. I used my Real Techniques Blush Brush, which I have gone crazy for lately.


They both lasted really well all day, and really convinced me of the value of this palette. It’s so rare to see something with full sized products at such good value. It’s also fairly thin and lightweight, better than I expected, but if you wanted to I guess you could pry the blushes out and put them in a Z palette or something.

Overall, I absolutely love this product. I haven’t bought something from Benefit in a while, even thought I have been lusting over Watts Up for ages. I’m so happy with the collection, and flabbergasted at the value. I can’t wait to use all of the powders in turn. Bravo Benefit!

What’s your favourite Benefit box blush?

  • Mili

    Wow, a palette that contains full sized blushes?! That’s practically unheard of! I’ve never tried any benefit blushes but this palette looks too good to resist. Glad to hear that they performed well too 🙂


    • littlemissmilne

      I know! It really sounds too good to be true. I’m really enjoying them, and having them all together encourages me to layer them on top of one another and to experiment. I really think I’ll get a lot of use out of it. Thank you for your comment! 🙂