5 Products for Beautiful Brows

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My eyebrows have always been very thick and voluptuous (thanks, Father), but do sometimes required a little maintenance to get them looking exactly right. I became obsessed with eyebrows a few years ago, when I became insanely jealous of the untameable caterpillars Cara Delevingne was sporting on the runway. I discovered the world of eyebrow products, and I have never looked back. I now have a large selection of products, to help me get those eyebrows on fleek.

My first foray into this wonderful world was Bobbi Brown eyeshadow in Blonde. This is fantastic for a very natural look, and is a fantastic eyeshadow for everyday use as well. You can build it up for something more dramatic, but these days if I want a very sharp and defined look I will turn to my Anastasia Beverly Hills Dip Brow Pomade, which I have in Soft Brown. I apply it with my MAC 263 brush, and it makes me feel fierce. It can take some control and determination to get the hang of, so I wouldn’t necessarily recommend this to an eyebrow novice, but if you’re ready to take the next step in eyebrow domination it might be worth checking out.

These days, for an everyday look, I mostly reach for either Brow Wiz, or Brow Definer, both by Anastasia Beverly Hills. The Brow Definer is a recent release, and a product I am still getting used to. Lots of people have been instantly won over, but I’m going to need a little more convincing. I love that the flat edge makes filling in my brows so easy, but I tend to favour a really defined arch and curve, and I find the Brow Wiz delivers this so much easier. I’m going to give it some more time and hopefully it will win me over completely.

To keep them in place throughout the day, I normally use either a tinted or clear brow gel. My favourite one is from (yes, you guessed it) Anastasia Beverly Hills. I love that it keeps my brows in check, but doesn’t feel crusty. The shade pictured is Caramel. I currently am using a travel size of the clear version, which I love because the brush is slightly smaller, giving me a little more control.

My top tips for eyebrow fierceness:

  • Make sure you have a spoolie brush on hand, to help you brush them out, making them look groomed and redistributing any excess product. These can be found on the end of the Brow Definer and Brow Wiz, can be bought from Anastasia or your local drugstore or pharmacy, or if you go to a MAC counter and ask them very nicely, they might give you one of theirs for free, which they use for testing mascara.
  • NEVER go to town on your eyebrows with a pair of scissors. Leave it to a professional.
  • It can be tempting to get right into a mirror to see what you are doing, but it’s best to stay about a foot away. Better to add more later than go right in and make them super harsh.


What are your favourite brow products?

This post is not sponsored, all opinions are my own, and all products are purchased using my own money