Fitness Instagrams You Should Be Following


Instagram: @trainingforchocolate

I love to follow fitness accounts on Instagram. I use them to get inspiration for food, workouts, activewear, everything. And it’s particularly inspiring to see the results of other women using the Kayla Itsines guides and app, as I feel that similar progress is achievable for myself, and it inspires me to throw on my tights and get moving. To be honest, I follow so many it’s hard to keep track, but I thought I would share just a few of my favourite accounts, and the reasons why I love them.


Kelsey has been doing BBG for about as long as I have wanted to do it. She is on week 84 now, has a young son, and a killer body. I love her positive posts, and she really inspires me. And who couldn’t notice those amazing abs?! I am also grateful to her for introducing me to her #mysweatlifelissfromhell, which is 40 mins walking at 4.8km/h with the treadmill at maximum incline. Total sweatfest.




Emma is a PT based in London. She has great style and posts delicious food pictures. She has developed her own 12-week plan, which isn’t something I have personally tried, but may be an alternative to the BBG programme.




Victoria gives me outfit envy nearly every time she posts. I love the printed tights she wears, and my next visit after her account is often to pick up whatever it was she was wearing! She is also a great account to follow if you live in Sydney, as she tries lots of different classes around the city.





Who could forget – Queen Itsines. The OG fitness account that started this whole journey, and my main inspiration for getting fit. I have followed her since what feels like the beginning, around 2012 or 2013, and to watch her grow from Adelaide personal trainer to worldwide fitness superstar has been wonderful. She is a hustler who works hard for what she has achieved, but hasn’t seemed to lose sight of her grass roots beginnings.  She posts transformation photos of both her PT clients, and those following the BBG guides and Sweat with Kayla app worldwide, along with enviable outfit posts, and adorable shots of her dogs Ace and TJ.  If you’re looking for a fitness Instagrammer to follow, this is a good place to start.


What are some of your favourite Instagram accounts?