Glossier has landed in London

As if Glossier shipping to the UK wasn’t enough, they have now blessed us with an actual STORE. From 15-22 November, Glossier has taken up residence at 32 Portland Place in Marylebone, and is filled with every product in the range, ready to sample and sniff. Perfect for gals like me who really need to try something on before buying!

Luckily for me, but not so much for my wallet, the pop-up store is just a few minutes walk from my office. It was far too tempting to resist, so I paid a visit during my lunch break with my colleague. We prepared ourselves for a lengthy queue, but were pleasantly surprised to find it wasn’t too busy. We got stuck right in to the testers, and it gave me an opportunity to sample products that I hadn’t been so sure about until now.

The store is absolutely beautiful – Glossier have taken over a town house, and each room has its own unique vibe. There is a beautiful living room as you enter the store, which I somehow managed to get a picture of empty. Both rooms with the products on display are spacious and light – I didn’t feel crowded and could always get to the product I needed. My favourite room was that dedicated to Glossier You – dark and mysterious, with spotlit tables and bottles of the perfume to sample. In terms of a concept store, it’s one of my favourites, and I have to give mad props to the Glossier marketing team for such attention to detail.

I’m very happy with the things I’ve already purchased online, and can’t say that there was much that I was immediately looking for when I visited the store, apart from their new perfume, Glossier You. But of course, my beauty junkie status got the better of me, and I snapped up another balm dot com, in mint, and the Body Hero body wash. I’m extremely happy that my purchases snagged me one of their coveted pink pouches – I now have one of each in small, medium and large. For now, I think most of the rest of my wish list products such as cloud paint and generation g can wait until spring. I will definitely be asking for the perfume for Christmas.

You can visit the Glossier in London store until 22 November, at 32 Portland Place, and get 10% off your first order here.