Kylie Lip Kit: First Impressions



After lusting after the colours, and watching overwhelmingly positive reviews of them on YouTube, I decided it was about time I tried to get my hands on the notoriously unavailable Kylie Cosmetics Lip Kit. I kept my eyes out for the restock, which was luckily at 10am Sydney time, and got myself on the website around 3 minutes before. The only colours she had restocked that I wanted were Candy K and Dolce K, but I was able to put them in my cart and check out without too many problems. The site crashed several times under the weight of the 140,000 people that were on it at the time, but I just kept refreshing the page, and sure enough got that coveted confirmation email.

Delivery time was quoted at 10-15 days, but my kits arrived in 8 days, which I was pretty impressed with. When I saw the package on my doorstep I squealed with excitement (yeah, I’m super keen, please don’t judge), and rushed to open it. The kits were nicely packed, with plenty of foam to keep them safe. The kits include one lipliner and one liquid lipstick each.


The liquid lipsticks swatched beautifully – Dolce K was much darker and browner on me than I was expecting, but its actually my favourite of the two. They feel beautifully creamy, and so comfortable to wear. I am really impressed with the formula, and would definitely purchase more. They look a little glossy here, but dry to a matte finish.

Overall, I am really happy with my Kylie Lip Kits, they are a good quality product for a decent price, with excellent shipping services (provided you can get your hands on them). I look forward to wearing them more, and definitely want to get more colours!

Welcome back to my blog, I hope you enjoy the posts I will be putting out. Feel free t contact me on Twitter or Instagram with feedback or post suggestions: @littlemissmilne.

Happy Sunday! xo

  • Great review!

  • Sooo jealous!! I’d love to see you do a look with these:)

    • Thanks! I do really like them. Look is coming! Love your blog too btw xx

  • I highly recommend getting online 2-3 mins before they drop – another restock is coming March 21st at 4pm PCT. If you get on the page and just refresh until you see them, you should have no problem getting them in your cart and checking out. I have ordered from the website twice now, using that method and it’s honestly been stress free each time. I hope you get some! Mary Jo K and True Brown K arrived today, and I honestly like them even better than these two. Love your blog btw! xx