My Favourite Fitness Apps


With such an abundance of technology around these days, one of the easiest ways to get into fitness is by using an app. But there are so many out there, how to know which ones are worth using? I’ve certainly tried my fair share of fitness apps, but they often left me dissatisfied and not seeing results. So I’ve gathered together a list of a few I feel really do the job, and are worth downloading.

  1. Sweat with Kayla (Free to download, $19.99 a month subscription to access content)– I’ve been a big fan of Kayla Itsines’ for years. Prior to the app I downloaded her ebooks and used those, along with my iPhone stopwatch to work out. When the app launched, I gave it a go and found it really useful. You can use it to track your workouts from her BBG programme, and has the timer built right in, so there is no switching between iBooks and your stopwatch. It has recently been updated to include video demonstrations of each move, so you can really see how to do things. There are also challenges included each week, as well as stretching sessions and a nutrition plan. I don’t really use the nutrition plan, so I can’t give too much of an opinion on that, but I think it’s great for those who want some ideas for healthy meals. If you have never tried the BBG programme before, you can do the 7-day trial before committing to monthly payments.
  2. Asana Rebel (Free to download, with optional monthly subscription) – I’m a wannabe yogi, and definitely want to get into it more, but the yoga options at my gym are fairly limited, with most classes being hot yoga, which is a bit much for an Australian summer. This app is a great way to practice yoga at home, with clear videos and different programmes for different goals. There are a few videos available when you download the app for free, but to unlock all of the app’s content, you can choose a member ship plan starting at £2.50 a month for 12 months. I’m very tempted to unlock the rest of the content, but want to get a bit more practice in before making a commitment. But for those looking for new yoga ideas to do at home, this is a great choice.
  3. Freeletics (Free to download with optional monthly subscription) – This great app has hundreds of different workouts for lots of different fitness levels, for both men and women. There are plenty of free ones, or to unlock all content you can sign up for a 3 month subscription for £2.53 a week. One touch I enjoy is that the workouts are named after Greek gods and goddesses. When you first sign up they give you a questionnaire about your fitness level, and then assign you a workout based on your answers. This is a good option if you are training with a partner, or want something with lots of diverse workouts.
  4. Seconds Pro (£4.99) – This is possibly the best workout timer ever. With the Pro version, you can save your timers to use later. You can create timers for circuit training, Tabata, HIIT, Boxing and more. I use it for HIIT as we sprint in the park, and it has a text to speech function, meaning I don’t have to spend my sprints staring at my phone screen. My partner uses it for his workouts which are a HIIT circuit style, and I also like to use it to store any workouts I do that aren’t from the BBG programme. You can customise the colours of the timers, which is really great for when I work out without my glasses on. It comes with a few example timers to get you going as well which is really useful. There is a free version as well which worth downloading at first, but you can’t save any timers, so would have to create them every time. £4.99 is worth that for me.

Honourable Mention: Nike+ Training Club (Free) – This is an app that I have minimal experience with personally, but it has so many positive reviews, it’s well worth trying. It has hundreds of workouts for different experience levels, which you can download, favourite and organise. It’s well organised and beautifully designed, and definitely my next go-to when I need workout inspiration.

These are just a few of the workout apps that I’ve tried and loved. There are so many out there, and it’s always good to check the app store for new additions.


What are your favourite fitness apps?