Raw by Anthony Nader, Surry Hills

After making the decision that I wanted to become the blonde goddess of my dreams for the summer, I thought I should probably go somewhere half-decent to get it done. I did some research and decided to visit Raw by Anthony Nader in Surry Hills. When I booked my appointment they were very accommodating, and managed to squeeze me in at 9am on Saturday morning. This worked perfectly for me as it meant I would have the rest of my day to get things done, and swish around my new hair.

The salon is beautiful, very cool but not too intimidating. I sneaked a picture of their shelving for my own home inspiration, but resisted the temptation to dive into one of the huge coffee table books. After a short wait I was paired up with Will, who quickly understood the look I was going for and got to work. He focused on getting the job done, and there wasn’t too much back and forth conversation, which was perfect for me as I just wanted to relax and be in my own space. Also, I didn’t have an answer for the inevitable question “Going anywhere nice on holiday this year?”

When I was taken to get my hair washed, we went into a dark room with chairs that reclined all the way back. I was offered a blanket, which of course I accepted. Gotta achieve maximum comfort. This was the highlight of my visit, and really made me feel like I had come somewhere special. Will then cut my hair to perfection, hardly taking any of the length of as I had asked, dried it straight (which people never do, and I loved it) and we were done. I’m really happy with the finished look. It’s the first time I’ve really splashed out on my hair, and it’s certainly got me thinking about doing it again.

Thank you to the Raw Salon team, I shall definitely be back!