Braun Silk Epil 7: Review

silk epil 7 attachmentssilk epil 7 shaver

I was terrified for years at the thought of getting an epilator, a device that uses many pairs of rotating tweezers to pull hair out at the root. The only experiences I had known were those of my cousin, who when I saw her using an epilator about twenty years ago sounded like she was being tortured; and of my mum who vehemently swore that epilators must have been invented by sadists. But with my hatred of regular hair removal, and my desire to have smooth, hairless legs in summer, I started to consider getting one. I had my legs waxed a couple of times, but my leg hair is quite delicate and tended to break rather than come out at the root, and I wouldn’t get the smoothness I was looking for. Also, getting my legs professionally waxed every time is far too expensive for me, and I equally don’t fancy the idea of messing around with it all at home.

After much dedicated research, I decided to invest in a decent epilator. I went for the Braun Silk Epil 7, as I wasn’t quite ready to splash out on the newest model, and this one has a little massage system, which is supposed to reduce pain. It also has a light, which is so handy, and my hair is pretty blonde. I managed to get it for 50% off, which really sealed the deal, as I had balked a little at the price when I saw it in the pharmacy. From Boots, it’s £129.99, or A$219.99 from Priceline. I managed to get it for A$109 (about £60), which I was pretty happy with, from The Shaver Shop. Worth checking out if you live in Australia, as their prices are so great.

The Silk Epil 7 comes with 5 different attachments including a shaver, and trimmer cap (not pictured). The other heads cover the tweezers and are designed for the bikini line, face and one for ‘efficiency’. It has 2 different speeds, can be used wet or dry, and comes with a charger. It’s also glittery, which I like.

I was extremely nervous the first time I used it – I had heard so many horror stories about how painful epilation can be, and really didn’t want to hate it and have to return it. But, I have to say, it really wasn’t as bad as I was expecting. It wasn’t pleasant by any means, but it’s a sensation I would describe as ‘moderate discomfort’, rather than actual pain. It’s slightly more painful than waxing , but not really noticeable. It left my legs feeling really smooth, far better than they do after a wax. I didn’t see any hair regrowth at all for at least five days, and it took around 3 weeks for them to fully grow back. I have used it for a second time, and it was less painful this time around. I also noticed that there was less hair to remove. I could almost go as far as to say I found it quite relaxing, but don’t want get ahead of myself.

Overall, I’m really happy with the Braun Silk Epil 7. It has met my expectations in every way, in terms of efficiency, value for money and appearance. I love that it really gets the job done quite quickly, and leaves a smooth finish. It’s definitely found its way into my beauty routine, and something I will be happy to use again and again. It is certainly a big leap, price-wise, if you are first getting into epilation, but it’s a great product, and I certainly didn’t want to spend say, A$50 (£25) and end up getting something really painful that I will never use again, and can’t return. I would definitely recommend the Silk Epil 7 as the way to go, and will think about upgrading to the newer models when this one dies!


Have you tried epilation? What did you think?