Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette


I have been lusting after the Too Faced Chocolate Bar palette for a long while now. It’s very well loved, all over the blogging and vlogging world. It’s a beautiful palette, shaped like a chocolate bar. And each shadow is infused with cocoa powder, so the palette smells like chocolate as well. It’s such a nice touch to a beautiful product, and really brings the experience together.

Of course, all of this is pointless if the product itself is rubbish. However, the shadows perform excellently. They are very pigmented, and really introduced me to new meanings of the word ‘blendable’. Until now, I have used mostly Mac eyeshadows, even though I own the original Naked palette. I find that whilst Mac eyeshadows really are excellent, the creamy formula of these shadows, paired with my new Zoeva brushes made it really easy to create a well blended and beautiful look.

The shades in the palette centre around a neutral theme, focussing mainly on browns. Which makes sense given that this is a Chocolate Bar Palette. There are a few pops of colour with Strawberry Bon Bon and Candied Violet, but personally I don’t see myself using these all that often. So far, my favourite shades are Semi-Sweet, Marzipan and Haute Chocolate. I look forward to using this palette for creating both every day looks, along with something a little more glam for the rare occasion I do hit the town.

Here are some swatches for you, hopefully conveying just how beautiful these shadows are in real life.

Chocolate swatches 1 Chocolate swatches 2 Chocolate Swatches 3

Overall, so far I am really happy with this palette. I don’t see myself immediately jumping in with the other palettes in this series, such as the Semi-Sweet or the Chocolate Bon-Bons palette, but I may have to add them to my stash one day.


Do you own any of the Too Faced Palettes?

  • I love the look of this palette! I haven’t tried any of the Too Faced palettes before because I usually stick to my Urban Decay ones but this palette sounds amazing so I might have to get it! x

    • littlemissmilne

      It’s well worth the investment in my opinion – quite similar to Naked 1 with the warm toned nudes, but I definitely see myself reaching for this one more often.

      Thank you so much for reading and your lovely comment!