Zoeva Brushes

Zoeva brushes

My current roster of eye brushes have finally started to give up the ghost. I have had my Mac 217 for around 5 years now, and it’s succumbed to its old age at last.  I decided it was time to wave goodbye to scratchy, unblended eyeshadow, and get myself some new brushes.

I finally gave into the hype, and bought myself some Zoeva brushes. Until now, the only brushes I own have been either from Mac, or a couple from Sephora. I had heard great thing about other brands of brushes at a far better price point than Mac – brands such as Sigma, Morphe and Zoeva. If I’m honest, Sigma brushes still seem a little expensive for me, although I am really keen to try their F80 Flat Top Kabuki brush. Morphe Brushes are so hyped up by American YouTubers, I almost don’t trust it. There’s something about when several people in a select group claim that a new brush every month from the same brand is their ‘ride or die’ that just doesn’t sit right with me. However, Zoeva seem to get well-rounded reviews from many people, without appearing that they are paying for it.

I ordered my brushes from BeautyBay, and true to form, they took around a month to arrive. I guess that is the downside of living in Australia. However, the price difference compared with Sephora, and the free shipping made it worth the wait. I ordered the 110 Face Shape Brush, the 225 Luxe Eye Blender, 227 Soft Definer, 228 Luxe Crease, and the 109 Luxe Face Paint. When I first got them out of their packages, I was very impressed with how soft they are. As you can see from the picture, I wasted no time putting them to use on my face. I was further impressed with how they blended both my eyeshadow and my contour. I used the 110 brush for my contour, which I’m not sure if that is its intended purpose, but I really like how it performed. Since then, I have also used it for blending concealer, as I have been short of a beautyblender. I really like the way it does this. It’s so dense, and really works the product into the skin.

I love the 109 for contour as well; I have been using it with my Kevyn Aucoin sculpting powder, and really like how it blends out this very pigmented product. I look forward to seeing how it performs with the Anastasia Contour Kit, which I picked up this weekend.

The eye brushes I have been very impressed with – they are so soft and easy to work with. I like how the 225 behaves as a kind of love child between a blending brush and a pencil brush – it’s precise without being too harsh.  The 227 is quite big on my eyes. The 228 is very much like the Mac 217 for me. Most people praise the 227 as the dupe, but the 217 I have owned is more rounded towards the top, rather than flat like the 227. I love these three brushes together, and am extremely happy with the looks I am able to create with them. I will definitely look to Zoeva for future brush purchases.


What is your favourite brand of brushes?